Monday, November 30, 2009

When this mom called me to book her appointment, she said she saw my pictures and thought they were "phe-NOM-en-ally gorgeous", and she said it with exactly that intonation and passion. I was instantly smitten by her openness and generosity and was delighted to meet her and her beautiful family. We had a shoot to remember at the beach on Coney Island, absolutely tearing around after her super active two year old, trying to engage him in our grown-up concern to get a good picture of him for his loving parents! As most two-year-olds are, he was only interested in running around and playing....imagine that! Well, lucky for me, her boy is "phen-NOM-en-ally gorgeous" and he DID indulge us enough to make these beautiful pictures. And I just got the Christmas card made from one of them and again, his mom's kind and generous praise for my work has touched my heart. Thank you so very, very much.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boys, boys, boys. They will be boys, won't they? Especially when they're five! Oh, my goodness, we had an unwilling subject here! "You've already taken a LOT of pictures! Can't you SEE that?" he pleaded, with complete and utter exasperation. He was SO done with me. His mother and I, who are friends and see eye to eye on many things (especially what boys really NEED) decided to indulge them for a little bit. If she uses the shots we got when we finally let them have a little fun for her Christmas card, I think she will be the talk of the town. This is the REAL thing, my ultimate goal in making pictures. I L O V E them.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

This gorgeous mom is my husband's first cousin.....good genes, eh?!!! Her precious boy is at the age where he just wants to go, go, go, go! We tried so hard to get him to look up and smile, but in the mean time, I think I got some really nice images of him just playing in the light from my windows. Then, at the last possible moment, he looked up at his mom and beamed a beautiful, million dollar smile, as if to showcase his perfect little baby teeth. One for the ages!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sometimes, I don't know why, but what should be a really hard shoot turns out to be as easy as pie. When I first heard from this duo's mom that she needed shots of two boys, aged 18 months and 5 years, I took a big, deep breath....if either or both of her boys were anything like mine at that age....uh oh!!! Well, lo and behold, these two appeared wearing the most adorable holiday outfits I've ever seen on two boys, and the high top Converse All-Stars made me SWOON. A total and complete smash hit. Have you ever seen anything as cute as these two??????

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My father, the "grand poobah" of family photography in my childhood universe, turned his lens on these children's mother and her siblings many times during our family vacations together. I have such fond memories of those times...singing Irish songs and playing together until we collapsed! It was with a delightful sense of a tradition being continued that I was thrilled to make these pictures of HER beautiful children. Especially since her youngest looks almost exactly like his aunt, who was a best buddy of mine way back when. Even though I was battling technical issues with the flare and glare of the sun, ultimately, I think it makes the pictures better. The glow adds to the sentimental feel of some of them for me. I think this effect will get stronger over time- like our own dreamy memories of childhood. Thanks for a great shoot, guys!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Favorite Still Life Images from K & J's Wedding

Monday, November 2, 2009


I am almost completely booked up for the next 2 weekends.....I have a few slots left for those who may be interested in getting the special deal!!! $99 for a 1/2 hour shoot with a rights-released cd! I will be going back to regular pricing and at some point, probably December 1st, be adding rush avoid the CRUSH and book early!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Well, I must say this sixteen was anything but SWEET!!!! I don't think I've ever seen a family have so much fun with a party was perfectly "executed". From the spooktacular guest of honor's black tulle and purple satin and black lace overlay bustier dress with a black jeweled tiara and a spider scarab ring to DIE for, to dad and brothers in black suits with purple silk ties to gorgeous mom who looked like Morticia Adams only with a better haircut!!!! What a beautiful young lady who obviously can articulate a very sophisticated esthetic at such a tender age........very IMPRESSIVE!!!! I had an absolute blast watching this wonderful celebration.....thank you so much for having me!!!!

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