Thursday, November 21, 2013

Brooklyn Head Shot Photographer .....More Head Shots!

Here's a recent round of head shots- done as a "Pop-Up" session for a local community theater group. The way it works is that I block off an hour or so of time at a designated location where I know the light patterns. Everyone gets a super-mini session (I am shooting about 10-15 frames), and then, on the spot, we pick the best one. I go back and do all the post work, then email the finished shot (with basic retouching and enhancements) in high resolution to the subject!! One, two, three....DONE! It's not perfect, and doesn't allow for much warming up or additional set-ups, but it IS a great way to get a quick head shot done and get YOU in the market. It's also a chance to work with me to see if we are a good match for a more comprehensive session, if that is what you really need. Sign on to facebook and "Like" Mijola Photography if you'd like to be kept posted for sessions like these. I love doing them, and it's beyond budget-friendly. I'll do them when I can fit them into my schedule, and it's going to be on short notice, so stay tuned! I'm thinking of doing one for a family holiday card photo....if there's interest......give me a shout here or on facebook if you are.......

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