Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brooklyn Portrait Photographer/5 Reasons NOT to do Portraits on Communion Day

1. The actual day of the communion can be very hectic, and it's a good thing to have LESS to accomplish and just enjoy the day with the child and family. Less stress = happy communion day! No stress = better pictures!

2. If you'd like to shoot in your home church, most times it will be EMPTY. Then, it's just me and the portrait subject (and the parent of course!), free to move around wherever the light is best, in the quiet sanctuary that so perfectly captures the emotion of the sacrament. This enables us to get a LOT of photos and different set-ups for you to choose from.

3. If you'd like to shoot in a beautiful outdoor setting, we can schedule with the weather, and reschedule if the weather is bad.

4. If your shoot is done before the communion day, you can have photo thank you cards ready to go.

5. You can get a discounted rate if you shoot earlier!

Shoot me an email at or call me 347-782-2734 to get more information and to book. Special runs through April 15th.

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