Friday, October 11, 2013

Brooklyn Head Shot Photographer / Kid's Headshots

Head shots!! There seems to be endless conflicting information about what they "should" look like. Studio or natural light? Brick background? Urban, natural or neutral setting? Tight face or from the chest up? I am not a casting director, but I did spend many, many years as a photographer's agent matching creative professionals to jobs, and I have a good idea about how this process works. I think any actor's agent will tell you that the head shot must look like YOU. And I mean the REAL you. It must represent that special, unique quality that only you have that is your creative essence, your artistic identity and what you would bring to a role. This is what I strive to reveal in my images, and I don't think the makeup, the hair, the studio, or the styling has as much bearing on the success of a head shot as this one key element.

Most of these pictures I've posted were done as my donation to a local theater group, and I had less than 5 minutes per subject to capture that little spark! How do you think I did? Let me know in the comments....

My head shot sessions are $299 and include an hour of shooting on location, basic retouching and color correcting, and 10 print ready digital files. Give me a call! 347-782-2734



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