Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh, my goodness, this was the most amazing shoot. Three brothers, and how can I describe it? Do you think these guys wanted to be in dress-up clothes, in church, showing each other love and affection and posing for the camera? I think NOT. We had one guy who was the ultimate Tasmanian devil, I am telling you he did not STOP for more than 30 seconds at a time. I was thinking "I'm going to get Z-I-P" here!!!" But, somehow, we pulled it off. And these boys have some of the most amazing eyes! Just jet-black and twinkling with impish delight. Boyhood itself, in my view. Totally frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails. I am in LOVE with these boys. And my little devil? I got him: yes, he's laying on the floor of the church. More on these guys later, for SURE.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

These are three of the most precious little girls on the planet. They are very close in age to my own three and it amazed me how different the dynamics were between them being all girls. It was all giggles! I hit it off with them right away and we had SO much fun. The two shots where they are standing at the brick wall are some of my all time faves. How sweet they look in the straight shot, but how cute and real is the next one? What beauties they are...and I can only imagine what their house will be like about 10 years from now!!! 

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A Word About Pricing

I want to address an issue about my pricing. Many people have told me that I should be or could be charging a lot more for what I do. I do know this, but I want to say that my business is in the earliest phases of start-up...just about six months of shooting people who hired me to do so. And though I have yet to have a customer not satisfied (every one has ranged from "very happy" to "crying with joy") I still feel that much of what I am doing at this point is new, and I am in the process of gaining experience. I really want to develop further in many ways both as a service provider and in honing this amazing craft I practice. I certainly WILL charge market rates for what I do in the future, how soon this will be I can't say exactly. But as they say, "prices subject to change without notice" so if you want to book me, get me while I'm cheap!!!!
: ) For consultation and booking, call me at 347-782-2734.

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