Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Word About Pricing

I want to address an issue about my pricing. Many people have told me that I should be or could be charging a lot more for what I do. I do know this, but I want to say that my business is in the earliest phases of start-up...just about six months of shooting people who hired me to do so. And though I have yet to have a customer not satisfied (every one has ranged from "very happy" to "crying with joy") I still feel that much of what I am doing at this point is new, and I am in the process of gaining experience. I really want to develop further in many ways both as a service provider and in honing this amazing craft I practice. I certainly WILL charge market rates for what I do in the future, how soon this will be I can't say exactly. But as they say, "prices subject to change without notice" so if you want to book me, get me while I'm cheap!!!!
: ) For consultation and booking, call me at 347-782-2734.

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